Nece Strudwick

With a rare and natural gift for nourishing the body and spirit, Nece Strudwick brings over 16 years of holistic care to the massage table, sustaining and elevating levels of health and well being for many celebrity clients including Cedric the Entertainer, Usher, Johnny Gill, Kenny Lattimore, and others, as well as professional athletes, business executives, attorneys, and other business professionals. For her busy clients, Nece provides a retreat from the high stress and demands of daily life, allowing them opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize with her special services in the comfort of their own homes. Through her unique talent in aromatherapy and massage, Nece fosters health and well being on every important level of life - physical, spiritual, and mental - improving the quality of life overall for any client who experiences her gentle and nurturing services.


How Nece Began

Nece began her journey into holistic medicine shortly after the birth of her son Ryan. In looking for more natural ways to take care of Ryan when he was sick rather than constantly giving him medicine, Nece uncovered holistic care and the natural healing powers that accompany it.

The Professional Road

After success with holistic methods, Nece began studying aromatherapy, learning the uses and ways of mixing different oils to effect specific outcomes of healing and health. She soon completed her certificate in holistic care of the body from The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) and entered into the field of massage taking a position with the chiropractic company Better Backs and Bodies. Climbing in skill and talent in her field, Nece also worked with Estee Lauder doing massage therapy and held a position with Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills, from which she still has clients she serves.

After gaining experience in many areas of holistic care and healing, Nece established her own company RyDES Healing, with the mission of creating wellness by pampering the spirit within. Catering to corporate companies for in-office appointments or for large events, Nece offered her expertise through on-site stress-reduction chair massages that combine the esalen stroke with gentle reflexology. She also developed a program many business corporations used in which she taught employees how to get high on their jobs - healthier, invigorated, grateful, and happier. Through presentations and techniques Nece shared, employees learned how to develop a higher quality of life, becoming more productive. Once in a while you'll still find Nece with her chair and presentation materials at a corporate office helping people get a high from the natural, healthy elements of life.

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With her qualifications and years of experience, Nece now offers her services to celebrities, professional athletes, and business executives who experience a high-stress level and demanding physical requirements from their careers. As a professional familiar with the stress and demands her clients face, Nece uses massages and aromatherapy techniques customized to meet the specific needs of each of those clients, and she willingly travels to the home of any client to allow them peaceful relaxation after a massage or treatment rather than a long drive home. Devoted to her clients and to sharing her natural gifts, Nece continually fulfills her mission to pamper the spirit within and create healing and health for those she serves.

Nourish Your Body & Spirit and Build a Life You'll Always Cherish

To experience one of Nece's rejuvenating services, please see the contact Nece page and request an appointment.

Phone: 310-736-8332

Candles and flowers

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